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Residential Solar

Start Saving
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Characterization of your roof

Designing a system suitable for the conditions of the roof

Installation by Kedma Solar's construction teams

Personalized system design

Let the sun pay for your electricity! 

3 simple steps!


Send us your contact information


One of our Solar Expert will contact you, and arrange a site survey at your house


Receive a personalized quote to make your house a solar home, including your panel layout, costs, and expected ROI

Start Earning from your roof!

Do you have a roof over 70 square meters? That is just sitting empty and useless?​

You can install a solar system on it with the help of Kedma Solari and passively earn 18,000 NIS a year from your roof!

What are you waiting for? Advance today, leave details on the website, and a Kadama solar consultant will come to you to check the suitability of a solar system for your home at no cost!

The Residential Solar System Installation Process

​Get a free site survey, panel layout, and quote including ROI calculations. Our engineering team will be happy to help you optimize your roof and get started!

One of our certified installation teams will receive your panels and equipment and build your array from A to Z. In 3-4 days you'll have your panels, inverters, and cables installed and ready for inspection. Within a couple of weeks, your system should pass inspection and be ready for commissioning.


Our team will handle the permitting for you. We'll help fill in your request, submit your plans, and keep tabs on the Electric company and ministry to make sure that your permits come through on schedule. You won't have to lift a finger, with Kedma you're in good hands.


Once your system is online our team will monitor your output 24/7 to make sure that everything is working smoothly. Our maintenance team can handle panel cleaning, routine inspections, or service calls as necessary under one of our system warranty packages.

Leave us your contcat information  

Fill in the Form and We Will Contact You Soon!

System Type

Return On Investment

Going solar can reduce your electric bills to 0 and produce an expected lifetime of income as high as ₪375,000 ​over the 25 year system lifetime.

Throughout the lifetime of a home solar system (the lifetime of home systems ranges from 25 to 30 years) it is expected to save us financial sums worth from NIS 220,000 to NIS 270,000.


The amounts of money that would have been wasted on electricity without a solar system at home.


Financing Options

We're happy to help you finance your solar installation through bank loans from our partners at Bank Hapoalim and Bank Leumi.

Kedma can connect you with a banker and help with the pre-qualification paperwork to get you started. Interest rates today start at prime-plus-1.2% and most residential systems cover the cost of the annual loan payments with profit leftover.

Examples of Residential Solar Systems From Kedma Solar


Private House, Ein Habesor

Residential Solar System

Roof Type


Yearly Income





Ein Habesor


Private House, Nesher

Residential Solar System

Roof Type


Yearly Income



21 KW




Private House, Ma'ayan Tzvi

Residential Solar System

Roof Type


Yearly Income





Maayan Tzvi

פרוייקטים ביתיים

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