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Meet the Team

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Stern Tigler

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Ezra Lavenda
Technical Director

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Noah Berman

Who Are We?

Kedma Solar was founded in 2016 by three American-born Israelis on a mission to improve Israel's environment through widely available, affordable clean energy. Our founders have a wealth of professional experience in the construction sector and in green-tech and have attended some of the top American universities.

At Kedma Solar, we strive to provide our clients with a smooth customer journey from the first site survey through to commissioning and maintenance. An ethos of customer service is central to our mission and is a point of emphasis for our entire staff. Our installation, maintenance, engineering, logistics, and sales teams are you to make going solar as easy as possible for your family or business.

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What Do We Do?

בניית מערכות סולאריות

Kedma Solar offers you the chance to go solar on your house, business, or farm with the highest quality equipment and work with turnkey service from A to Z.


At Kedma's in-house team includes all of the certified professionals necessary to plan, build, commission, and maintain your system including electrical engineers, construction engineers, electricians, installers, safety, and quality inspectors, and seasoned project managers.


We believe that eliminating sub-contractors creates synergy and greater cooperation across the project to ensure that you get the highest possible quality work.

What Drives Us?

Following years of experience in engineering and construction we realized that Israel's greatest natural resource, our abundant sunshine, was not being harnessed. We believe that the solving this issue starts with changing the paradigm. Most people think of solar panels as expensive, unseemly, and difficult to commission. Our team is proving every day that any family, business, or farm can switch to solar and profit. With our professional assistance, our clients get clean, affordable energy without the headache of a construction project.

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kedmasolar-קדמה סולארי
קדמה סולארי - מתקינים
קדמה סולארי - kedmasolar
סולארי מסחרי
סולארי ביתי

Installation Teams

Our installers are at the heart of what we do. We have over 30 solar PV installers each with certification for work at heights and trained by our Team Leaders and Project Managers to build only the highest quality systems.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the quality of the people doing it. Beyond their technical abilities, each of our installers is trained in professionalism and customer service.


We're proud that our clients invite Kedma employees into their homes and businesses and we put an emphasis on communication and respect for our customers throughout the building process.

Solar Consultant Team

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Nitzan Kerem

Solar Consultant

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Amir Shemesh

Head Of Consultant Team

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 Ran Hasson

Solar Consultant

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Shir Amit


Each of our solar consultants begins their training by building PV systems with our installation teams, going to inspections with our electricians and construction engineer, and meeting clients with our project managers.


We want to make sure that each of our consultants has the technical tools and experience to answer your questions and help you get the right system for you taking into account the balance of aesthetics, engineering, and execution that fits your needs.


We believe in full transparency and cooperation with our clients to help them get the best quote and the best system for their house, business, or farm.


Lidan Israel

Electrical Engineer

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Ben Elkobi

Electrical Engineer

Our engineers are well-trained to deal with all of the technical aspects of planning to optimize your system.

Ben and Lidan have planned over 5,000 systems from small caravans to 50-acre solar fields and are experts at maximizing system output while considering customer considerations.


Our engineers work collaboratively with our Team Leaders and Consultants and go on on-site visits to ensure the quality of our work.

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Sigal Levi

Account Manager

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Yana Sabinov


and Permitting Manager

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Motti Solomon

Operation Manager

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Adam Frantz

Maintenance Manager

 Dor Elimelch


Sako Abo

Development Manager

Operations Team

Our operations team keeps things humming and deals with all of the behind-the-scenes work to get projects done on time.


Kedma's emphasis on quality assurance and communication is brought to fruition by our logistics, maintenance, and development teams.

Our Partners

Kedma works with a wide array of suppliers, vendors, and partners to bring our clients the highest quality materials. All of our panels come from official importers of tier 1 top brands as per the Bloomberg ratings.

We are proud to supply inverters and optimizers from SolarEdge, a leading Israeli company that has developed a revolutionary technology to increase system outputs.

Kedma has partnered with some of Israel's leading construction and engineering firms such as Electra and Shikun Binui to build some of the country's flagship rooftop solar installations.


Location and Opening hours

HaPelech St 7, Tel Aviv | Sun - Thu 08:00 - 21:00 | 03-5193525

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